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Financial literacy

Many U.S. citizens are financially ‘illiterate’ with respect to knowing how to manage and invest money.  Two thirds of U.S. adults don’t use a budget for personal expenses and one third don’t save their money. 77 more words

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Are You Making These Common Mistakes When Filing Taxes?

While the IRS says that anyone with knowledge of high school mathematics (and an afternoon to kill) can do their own taxes, the hurdles to filling out a tax form are many. 442 more words

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5 Important Money Habits You Can Start Before You're 25

If you are like a lot of people, balancing the financial needs of today with the financial needs of tomorrow is a constant challenge. It can be really hard to protect our  263 more words


Financial Education - One Size Does Not Fit All!

I felt highly honored to speak at the Annual Conference on Financial Education, which was held in New Orleans from April 9th to 11th 2014. Big kudos to the Institute of Financial Literacy for including the “one size does not fit all” session to discuss peculiar issues affecting women and immigrants. 338 more words

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credit money vs commodity money

Most people believe that interest is natural to money. However, the way in which money is created determines whether interest is applicable or not.

Two forms of money creation have dominated over the last 5000 years — creating money out of credit and creating money out of gold or silver – with humanity going back and forth between centuries-long domination of credit money and centuries-long domination of gold and silver-backed money. 612 more words

Financial Education

LBJ, The Hill Country, Civil Rights, and My Full Circle Moment

Having a full circle moment!

Local TV is pre-empted for President Obama and other dignitaries at the LBJ Presidential Library for the 50th year celebration of the passing of the Civil Rights Act. 241 more words

Your Kids Are Better With Money Than You Are

Millennials are on course to be the most educated generation in U.S. history. Looking just at the subset of those aged 25 to 29, one-third hold at least a bachelor’s degree—a… 684 more words