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Daily Telegraph on the peril of Universal Medicine cult doctors

UniMed cult doctors portray their religious belief in Serge Benhayon’s occult nonsense as medical opinions, promote quackery, and financially and psychologically exploit patients by recruiting to his New Age scam. 1,430 more words

Universal Medicine

Medicare Beneficiaries are Prime Target for Scammers

by Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

The phone calls are endless. You get offers of back braces and medical alerts. Someone calls and wants to help you save money on your Medicare costs. 542 more words

Financial Exploitation

The Expense of "Free"

Everyone is trying to pinch pennies.  But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t send up a warning to be extra careful if something is “free.”  A “free” something will almost always lead to strings attached or something expensive coming later, like a repair, further services of some sort, or worst … it could be a scam.  443 more words

Dealing With Stuff

Did You Say "Cockroaches?"

The voice on the phone was very shaky and distressed.  Through her tears, I heard her say, “Doing business with people in your industry is like doing business with cockroaches.”  A knife to my gut would have hurt less.  582 more words

Unsavory Human Behavior

Ireland: thief and fraudster 'driven by Christian values'

A FORMER solicitor, described as a “devout Christian”, stole €2.8m from client accounts in his family’s prestigious law firm and used the money to fund investment properties and buy stocks and shares.

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Officials And Priests