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Why homemade food is worth it.

Homemade Ranch dressing.  Will last months and cost me less than $2.00 and totally amazing.

When I first lived on my own I had a food budget of $90.00 per month for myself and my son.   943 more words



While cooking dinner in our small and, usually cramped kitchen, my wife and I noticed an uncommon quietness. The house was silent and our children were not bumping into one another or tangled under our feet as usual. 553 more words

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5 Ways to Effectively Dispute a Credit Card Transaction

By Aisha Taylor

Imagine you check your online statement and, to your surprise, there is a charge on there that you didn’t make? And to make things worse, the transaction was originated from a location where you don’t even travel! 723 more words


This is the No. 1 mistake people make that will get them arrested....Know your rights!

Nina Hodjat is a lawyer and specialist in constitutional law. She says the biggest mistake citizens make in dealing with the police is providing too much information. 99 more words

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Battered, Broke, Bankrupt, and Old?

by Mark Ford

Paul T., a Palm Beach Letter subscriber, sent me the following “confession”:

I have no savings, no significant assets, and bad credit due to having to file bankruptcy after 2008. 2,180 more words

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When Women have to Pay Alimony

The tide has shifted in the workforce with women taking on more and more high-level career positions. Today, women are the top income earners in one-third of all marriages. 186 more words


Becoming a Better Salesperson

I consider myself a perpetual student. I love learning. I went back to school twelve years after I finished my undergraduate degree to get a Master’s degree, in large part just because I love learning. 1,398 more words

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