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The Future

I’ve been looking at wills lately.  Creating a will and last testament.  Not that I don’t already have one (do you?)

Living in yet another country it would make things easier to have a will done here than try to have our old will go through probate and be subject to different laws.   447 more words


Tips for fighting bad financial habits

Apps that might help nudge you into financial health

Willpowering up. The Web site StickK, co-founded by two Yale University professors, is designed for those times when willpower isn’t enough to achieve your goals. 110 more words

Behavioral Economics

Four Pillars of Financial Health: Pillar #3 - Following the Plan (Discipline)

Discipline often sounds like an ugly word. According to dictionary.com, there are a few different definitions for discipline. I think most people think of it as “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training,” but in this context, it’s definitely more appropriately either “activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill,” or “behavior and order maintained by training and control.” Whichever definition you think fits best, Discipline and making choices to help you stick to your budget is critical to your financial health. 864 more words

General Principles

What Financial Wellness Advocacy CAN'T Do For You

I love my job. I really do. After having been through serious financial issues, myself, I know how life-changing it can be to make it through to the other side with a skill-set (and attitude) in place capable of creating a better financial life. 719 more words

General Principles

Are You Planning a Wedding?

Are you planning a wedding this year or next year? Planning a wedding takes time, money and patience. Log on to Guidance Resources* and use the keyword “Wedding Resource Guide” to help you plan the ceremony, pick the wedding party, hire providers and work toward the big day. 144 more words

Be Prepared

Affordable Yoga Online

Missed your last few yoga commitments due to late nights at work or an on the go schedule? Struggling to manage the cost of your favorite in-city yoga studio?  53 more words

Mental & Emotional Health

Do You Have a Budget Plan?

Creating and sticking to a budget will provide you with a clearer financial picture and give you a better sense of control over your money. Without a plan for financial success, it is difficult to know which decisions are the right ones to make. 226 more words