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30 Aug 2014 (AFR) - General advice should be ‘sales’: CBA

(30 August 2014, AFR, p3, (Murray inquiry), Clancy Yeates)

‘The Commonwealth Bank has conceded that what today qualifies as “general” financial advice should be renamed “sales”, a change it says would help clear up customer confusion. 89 more words

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26 Aug 2014 (AFR) - Scramble for yield - Hybrid yields tipped to fall further

(26 August 2014, AFR, p44, Jonathan Shapiro)

‘The lament of a small group of financial planners that gathered in a room in the Grand Hyatt Melbourne last month to learn about fixed income was unanimous. 119 more words

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25 Aug 2014 (AFR) - Macquarie dodgy advice scandal forces rethink of banking model

(25 August 2014, AFR, p19, Sally Patten)

‘The community is so angered by the endless string of advice scandals.’

‘Financial advice. Where to start? After an extraordinary few weeks, during which it was revealed that Macquarie Group was writing letters to thousands of customers who may have received dodgy advice, the corporate regulator slapped Commonwealth Bank of Australia with new licence conditions and the chairman of the Financial System Inquiry raised concerns about the structure of the planning industry, it is hard to know where to begin a critique.’ 10 more words

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22 Aug 2014 (TheAge) - AMP and big banks rush to lift planners' qualifications

(22 August 2014, The Age, BusinessDay, p21, Adele Ferguson, Ben Butler)

‘Australia’s big four banks and AMP have moved to beef up educational standards for financial planners as they struggle to stem a crisis of confidence in the advice industry. 48 more words

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22 Aug 2014 (TheAge) - Proper standards of education would be a good start for the financial advice sector

(22 August 2014, The Age, BusinessDay, p21, Adele Ferguson)

‘It is little surprise that the crisis in confidence gripping the financial planning industry and the intense scrutiny on vertical integration and low education levels has reached the boards of the country’s biggest advice businesses. 33 more words

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Let us talk money, honey!


IN the old days of match-making, parents ask their prospective son-in-law about his income so that they can assess if he was able to support their daughter comfortably or at least to the level of what she’s been used to. 328 more words


Why Financial Planning at all ?

Why Financial Planning At All?

Interestingly, to understand this, let’s go back to the school days. Although, not much is taught about managing personal finance in school, however, one thing can be clearly understood from what we all have done or experienced. 1,337 more words

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