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Sweden acquire more Foes on the political international arena

Following tips on underwater operations began Defence Ministry 17 October 2014 the largest operation since the Cold War. According to information provided to a well-known Swedish newspaper ” Dagens Industri ” from a central source estimates the Armed Forces that it was… 159 more words

Cheating On Your Spouse...Financially?

A new survey just came out that almost 7 million Americans are cheating on their spouse. According to creditcards.com that did a little research and came up with the conclusion that nearly 7 million Americans have a secret bank account or credit card that their significant other does not know about. 45 more words

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Break Time's Over

Well it’s officially the end of the first week of classes back here at Ave Maria University! This past week went by fast but it also feels like I did a lot of stuff. 835 more words


The Effect of Berry Consumption on Cancer Risk- Medcrave Online Journal

Berries have been part of the human diet for many years and only recently have their potential health benefits have been greatly understood. At present, there is a genuine consensus amongst most individuals, both academic and non-academic, that berries are good for an individual’s health due to their phytochemical composition [1]. 502 more words

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Sensitive Dependence of Mental Function on Prefrontal Cortex - Medcrave


Compelling data suggest higher mental functions, executive function, awareness, consciousness, planning, strategic thinking, imagination and processing sensory input are the domain of prefrontal cortex function and in particular Brodman areas 8, 9, 10, 46 . 349 more words

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Child Maintenance: To Seek or Not to Seek?

That’s the big question.

Fortunately or unfortunately, and strictly from a non legal perspective (I will tackle the legal and more logical side of things in a separate post), I have no right or wrong answers on whether as a single parent, you should seek child support from your baby’s daddy (or mommy) or not.  1,844 more words

Coping As A Single Parent


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Hi fellow entrepreneur ! You are probably here because you want to fund a new business, you want to own your company and fulfil you true dream of the self-made man. 510 more words

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