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Pirate Monies

In July 2013, I worked on Pirate Monies – what Virtual Wallets tell us about the Future of the Economy at Nesta. It was a wonderfully timed exploration of underground financial services – legal, but not centralised. 190 more words

When is the Cloud Not the Cloud?

Guest Contributor: Mal Cullen, Head of the Americas and Eagle ACCESS℠, Eagle Investment Systems

Companies in the financial services sector are increasingly moving to cloud-based systems for their software solutions and with good reason. 574 more words

Guest Blog

Cloud Computing Adoption in Asset Management

Guest Contributor: Jonathan Schapiro, Global Head of Cloud Solutions, BI-SAM

These days, the term “Cloud” has become ubiquitous – even the un-savviest of technology users have a general concept of what the term alludes to. 548 more words

Guest Blog

Why the Moven MoneyDesktop partnership is now a hot tango

Last week Moven announced an expanded strategic partnership with MoneyDesktop.  The two companies have been dancing together for a while.  However, this recent move changes their dance from a waltz to a passionate tango.  473 more words

Eric Dunstan

Flash Point: Banks Need to Switch from Defense to Offense in 2014

The banking industry has reached a crossroads in 2014. Continue business as usual and risk becoming obsolete, or embrace innovation to adapt to the changing needs of clients and flourish on a new path. 892 more words

Finally! Innovation attacks the mortgage lending process with GoRefi!

We recently refinanced our house to take advantage of a rate one point lower than our current mortgage.  Wow, that’s a big chunk of money each month. 703 more words

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