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Hay, social security is taxable income

Did you know that social security is taxable income.
While i was contributing to social security, it never dawned on me that when i take it out it will be taxable income. 27 more words


Where Is My Money!?

There are many aspects of life that can be stressful, if you allow it and decide
not to manage that aspect of your life. One of the things that has majorly… 645 more words


Should we have a plebiscite?

Plebiscite? That’s one of the most hot button issues here in Thunder Bay right now and likely will continue to be into the election. I personally was totally against the plebiscite at first thinking that it wasn’t a necessary part of the process to build this facility. 824 more words

Thunder Bay

Taking the Bull by the Horns: Meeting Daymond John

There comes a time when the thing you must to is seize the day and take the bull by the horn because some opportunities don’t come around again and if you want something bad enough you have to go for it! 914 more words


The Church Service

Ray and Frenchy found a vacant pew near the front of the church, on the
right side of the center aisle. Other mourners arrived and padded silently to their… 1,630 more words

Wednesday May 28, 2014 (Providence, RI) OIC's Women's Equity Breakfast

OIC’s Women’s Equity Breakfast will be held Wednesday, May 28th, from 8:00 to 9:30 at the Providence Marriott on Orms Street. The purpose of this event is to create awareness and the importance of support for women’s equity. 166 more words


Wednesday April 30, 2014 Harkins Wealth Management Presents: A Money Club for Women

Healthy Money Boundaries:

Join us as we discuss how you can become a better negotiator and able to communicate your needs and expectations more clearly. How do you handle money when it comes to friends, relatives, roommates or co-workers? 59 more words

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