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REPOST: Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO Part 1, 2, 3, 4. . . worth every single minute of your time. . . ~J

Posted on March 5, 2012
by Jean

I have just been able to watch this through, and it was worth it to see some of the faces of the people in the audience, most notably Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (I think), and best of all Senator Joseph Lieberman. 443 more words


The Oracle Report, Friday, July 25, 2014

Please Note: I will not be on my blog until much later today.
If you have info to share, please leave it as a comment, … 490 more words


Congress Eyes 5-Week Vacation While Urgent Issues Fester . . . some news straight from 3D . . . to my mind, a bit scary . . . ~J

Congress Eyes 5-Week Vacation While Urgent Issues Fester

Flickr/C.M. Keiner

Only recently, lawmakers were outraged that dozens of veterans had died waiting for care at a VA health center in Phoenix, that thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America were pouring across our border, and that local governments were preparing to cancel highway and bridge construction projects because the highway trust fund was nearly bankrupt.

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PressTV: Detroit and future of democracy in US

A man holds a bottle of water as he joins other demonstrators protesting against the Detroit Water and Sewer Department in Detroit, Michigan, the US, July 18, 2014. 1,703 more words


RT: Israel may be guilty of war crimes – UN Human Rights Chief . . . this statement is an insult to all of humanity! ~J

The UN is patently in the pocket of the cabal. . . They talk, talk, talk . . . and do nothing. Soon, however, someone is soon coming after THEM. 703 more words


:) :) :) RT: Spy for a spy: Germany to monitor US, UK agents . . . tsk, tsk things aren't going well between the US and Germany! ~J

Published time: July 24, 2014 23:47

Reuters / Paul Hackett

Germany will monitor US and UK agents as part of its long discussed counter-espionage ’360 degree view’ plan, shifting its focus from China, Russia, and Iran, according to local media. 345 more words