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RT: Ukraine MH17 may be CIA false flag and it ain’t flying, by William Engdahl . . . this makes hash out of US efforts to blame Russia, but will the sheeple read it?

William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages.

Published time: August 01, 2014 15:21… 2,187 more words


Important information: Campbell vs. the United States: Comprehensive Federal Case Against Forced Bioweaponized H1N1 Influenza Vaccinations/Medical Martial Law

Amended Complaint-2009-2010

Although this federal case was ostensibly filed by one person against one government, that one person has filed it on behalf of all of the peoples of the world so that they might hold their own governments accountable for the crimes that these governments have perpetrated in their names against other peoples, as well as against themselves. 386 more words


MUST READ: India Slams US Global Hegemony By Scuttling Global Trade Deal, Puts Future Of WTO In Doubt

Submitted by Tyler Durden
Source: Zerohedge
08/01/2014 15:44 -0400
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Yesterday we reported that with the Russia-China axis firmly secured, the scramble was on to assure the alliance of that last, and critical, Eurasian powerhouse: India. 1,042 more words


Veterans Today with Stew Web: 2014 07 14

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Kerry Cassidy says on her Blog:

Everyone needs to listen to this interview with GORDON DUFF by Stew Webb:

At approximately 12-13 minutes in Duff CLEARLY STATES that 911 was planned by and the weapons designed for taking down the Twin Towers in 911 at “Sandia Labs/Los Alamos” by “rogue groups”.   272 more words


A High School Student’s Remarkable Letter To George Orwell, thanks to Dreamwalker



You were right, you were right, you were right. I’m sorry I never saw it before, and I feel like an idiot, sitting here and penning this to you when you were so unspeakably right. 560 more words