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The Financialization of Life (3/5)

Costas Lapavitsas speaks to an audience at The Real News about how finance controls the global economy.


The "Financialization" of life - great interview

From the web site “Naked Capitalism” – a web site which provides very-much-out-of-the-box commentary on capitalism and its state came the link to the Real News interview with with Costas Lapavitsas, a professor in economics at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. 2,496 more words


For the Government of Jokowi: Food Security in Sustainable Development

Mletiko, 16 October 2014

Dear readers,

Attached is our paper Food Security in Sustainable Development , a short note presented at the International Symposium on Applied System Analysis for Sustainable Agriculture… 59 more words


From Mark Twain's observation on October stock market to Randy Martin's on financialization of daily life

We are in mid-October, stock exchange indexes are falling and economic journalists are shouting and wondering: is the next October stock market crash approaching? That’s a good occasion to recall a good old Mark Twain’s observation: 69 more words


Income inequality and wealth concentration in the recent crisis

Ozlem Onaran, in a co-authored paper with Thomas Goda and Engelbert Stockhammer argues that there is a strong case for redistributive policies because the global increase of income inequality and wealth concentration was an important driver for the financial and Eurozone crisis. 82 more words


Asset Urbanism Research, UBC

This fall I will be exploring the idea of Asset Urbanism through a combination of research and design.  As a group, we developed 34 case studies that are all different spatial results of architecture being an asset.   72 more words