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Financialization in telecom

The normal role for finance in the economy is to facilitate trade and production efficiently. Through these transactions profits are generated. However, due to dysfunctional factors, it can become more profitable to use financial methods to generate profits without trade or production. 305 more words


'The Causes of Structural Unemployment' integrates socio-political and economic perspectives to highlight the major changes in labor markets in industrialized nations

The Causes of Structural 
Unemployment skillfully integrates socio-political and economic perspectives to highlight the major changes in the structure of labor markets in affluent industrialized nations. 192 more words


"Informatized subjects" -- Gordon Hull

Gordon Hull at NewAPPS has a good discussion of data vs. information and how value is created by the turning of one into the other. 291 more words


"Crisis, Value & Hope: Rethinking the Economy" is the theme of this excellent open access Current Anthropology issue

“Crisis, value, and hope are three concepts whose intersection and mutual constitution open the door for a rethinking of the nature of economic life away from abstract models divorced from the everyday realities of ordinary people, the inadequacies of which the current world economic crisis has exposed in particularly dramatic fashion. 98 more words


Life in the wired society

Oral-B, a Procter & Gamble company, this year launched its SmartSeries Bluetooth toothbrush — an essential appliance for what the firm calls “the well-connected bathroom”. …

438 more words

Financialization and Crisis Tendencies in Higher Education: What Is College For Anyway?

By Hans G. Despain, Nichols College and Zachary Stein, Harvard University

The popular press (Kraushaar 2014) and national educational leaders (Duncan 2013) give the impression greater investment in and access to higher education will reduce income inequality. 1,819 more words

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