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Bank of America outlook on September 1, 2014

The trend is up on the daily. Some support @ $16 after it broke out of the $15-16 range last week. Its relative strength compared to other parts of the market is not there, so it has to cover a lot of ground in the next weeks to become our favorite. 54 more words


XLF (financial sector ETF) outlook for September 1, 2014

XLF at yearly highs. The ETF is on a clear uptrend, moving in tandem with stock indices. Next support on the daily chart @ 23 (i.e. 42 more words


JPMorgan Sees ‘Lehman Moment’ for Russia If Ukraine Deteriorates

Russia’s equity markets may face a “Lehman moment” if the Ukraine conflict deteriorates further, according to Alexander Kantarovich, head of research for JPMorgan Chase & Co. 268 more words


Pitchford Sector Index results for 8/28/2014

Here is how the Pitchford sector indices performed on Thursday, August 28:

Commodities Composite Index – up 4.14 to 1,074.11 (+0.39%)

Texas Index – down 1.58 to 435.61 (-0.36%) 39 more words

PSI Results

Getting the funding you need for your Business.

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Right on Track?

The stock market appears to be following the playbook that I outlined at the beginning of the year. Namely, that the market would begin to focus more on fundamentals and leadership would shift from defensive sectors and small-cap to larger-cap cyclical names. 614 more words


Pitchford Sector Index results for 8/22/2014

Here is how the Pitchford sector indices performed on Friday, August 22:

Commodities Composite Index – up 6.23 to 1,076.12 (+0.58%)

Texas Index – down 0.98 to 434.73 (-0.22%) 38 more words