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Chocolate financiers with raspberries and pistachios


Counting your shares, bullion, cash in the bank, wads under the mattress; your doubloons, golden guineas…? Or perhaps, like Fidget, toiling into the wee small hours against the tax return deadline? 246 more words


Blackberry Financiers

I have baked financiers a few times since spotting the recipe at JoyofBaking.com. Hubby and I both love this dainty French teacake. Other than the browned butter, the rest of the process is really easy. 588 more words

Other Bakes

Twelve -- the dead

Imagine an iceberg disintegrating
beneath the waterline, eroding

into chaos, or hands in sudden darkness
colliding as they flail at space

where once there was solidity, grip. 79 more words


Ρήσεις, Αποφθέγματα, Δηλώσεις / Quotes: Χένρυ Φορντ – Henry Ford #10

Ο μοναδικός στόχος αυτών των οικονομικών κερδοσκόπων, είναι ο παγκόσμιος έλεγχος μέσω ακατάσβεστου χάους.

– Henry Ford (1863–1947)

The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.

– Henry Ford (1863–1947)


One Christmas cookie begets another

This coming Friday is my good friend Mary’s annual Christmas cookie swap so I made 6 dozen Breton butter cookies; they are more like a shortbread cookie, not sweet, but very buttery and I would say perfect with tea. 489 more words

Keepers Of The Family Jewels

P.1 Oops!

P.2 What now?

P.1 I think I’ve dropped the economy…

P.2 Fuck! Not again!

P.1 It wasn’t my fault. (whiny voice inserted)

P.2 Well, we know it wasn’t your fault! 410 more words