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Multiverse via Facebook Only!! Explored

So as nearly everyone now has realised that the friends aspect of this game is like almost every “Friends Orientated” game. All games produced for mobile devices use the “Login with Facebook” feature so that you are able to track your games across multiple devices and also see how well you are doing against your friends. 864 more words

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

Friends make you who you are? So choose them wisely!!

Dear Classy Girl,

Friends make you who you are?

‘Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. 633 more words


Issues, Issues and More Issues?

So after playing along with my BETA version of the game it finally got switched to the full Official game. Now I’m not complaining I am currently at level 12, unlocked 10 characters out of the  18 possible so far and have crafted 3 different outfits. 247 more words

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

How Do I Add Friends?

Right now there’s only one way to add friends for Family Guy The Quest For Stuff, through Facebook. In order to add friends you must sign into Facebook while logged into the game and send an invitation to whichever friends you want add. 62 more words

Game Announcement

Tinder Troubles?

Under my new guise of blogger, I have to come up with regular, engaging content. I was almost going to post about my new nail polish and makeup samples, but I worry that the majority of my male friends would have no interest in reading about those things. 654 more words