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Ways to Find Your Dream Job

A work is not only a set of responsibilities that you need to achieve to earn a per month payment. This also includes self-actualization. The exact goes with job searching. 313 more words

How to find .dll files in Windows 7

This tutorial shows you how to find .dll files in Windows 7. Just follow these steps:-
1. Open ‘Computer’.
2. In the search box of ‘Search new folder’, type ‘type:dll’. 7 more words

Old Tech Tutorials

Manusia diciptakan Tuhan dengan tujuan. Bekerja adalah hal yang dilakukan manusia selama masa hidupnya. Dimanakah kamu ditempatkan Tuhan?

Find Your Place of Anointing

# Tidak ada kebun tanpa ada yang ditabur. 240 more words

Daily Preaching

What Do You Call That Feeling?

I m not sure this is in the right place but it s the closest I could find. Thinking about starting with a new therapist (was supposed to be today but I caught a cold) and about possibly going into family therapy with my mom, I have been mulling over what would work for me and why I haven t found what I need in the past. 50 more words

Finding Freedom

“The pursuit of freedom comes from the liberty of free speech.” –Cliff Harrison