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Dropbox is sending out an email to let users know that crashes related to Yosemite have been resolved in the latest OS X 10.10.1 release that landed earlier this week. 178 more words


Zeptoreview: Carla Speed McNeil - Finder Library vol. 2

Carla Speed McNeil describes her work as “indigenous science fiction”, which I take to mean both “science fiction that looks at the place of indigeneity within a high-tech society” and “science fiction that considers people’s working and living relationship to their environment”. 162 more words

I Would Like To Recommend These People's Writing

Über den Fehler im anderen

Jeder, der Fehler bei anderen findet, darf sie behalten. Er hat sie ja schließlich auch gefunden. Denn das, was er im anderen zu erkennen glaubt, gefunden zu haben glaubt, könnte er nicht zu sehen meinen, würde er es nicht selbst in sich tragen. 76 more words

Register in Global Maid Finder for a good job opportunity

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Fixing Spotlight's "Show all in Finder…" option

I have a few tips for better use of spotlight.  I’ll start with how to rectify problems with apparently missing results when you use the “Show all in Finder…” option after a spotlight search. 140 more words

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Trumpet Desk Lamp by Marcel Ossendrijver

These lamps are designed by Netherlands based designer Marcel Ossendrijver they come in dreamy pastel colour ways and will make working into the night all that more happy. 8 more words