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keeping the dragon under control

Ok, so some days its manageable, other days its really tough out in the “desert”.

I’ve tried many times to live up to the idea I had in mind of who and what I was supposed to be and act like, but after too many failed attempts that left me feeling worse about myself and knocking down my self-esteem even more, I decided to QUIT TRYING to keep up with this unrealistic idea. 511 more words

Creative vs. Organized? Striving for a Balanced Character

As human beings we like things to be simple, so we like to give things labels, put them in tidy boxes, and decide what’s best…which camp we belong in, what type we are, and why it’s better that way. 601 more words


Consumed with Creation

Five years ago I was a very prolific novelist. One of my favorite memories is from the Christmas of 2008 (the month before I officially met my husband). 870 more words


Being an adult is tough stuff.

I remember when I was young, and I’d lay in bed at night and dream of how amazing it would be to be a grown up. 525 more words


The Marriage of Two Minds

The challenge: “Tell a story, in 50 words or less.”

“Opposites attract!” friends quipped.

He, drawn like a moth to a flame, warmed to her vivacity, sparks of passion and life. 219 more words


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” ~ Maya Angelou

My dearest readers, you may not always have the answer, you may not always know what the next step is, you may not always know the exact solution to a challenge or problem….and yet, you have experience, a life story…a song.

86 more words

Need a boost? Hit the weights!

Every once in a while I have “one of those days”.  You know, the kind where you roll out of bed wishing you didn’t have to, push yourself through your morning routines and just feel exhausted? 641 more words