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Diet: Everyday, Sometimes, rarely

Diet is a tricky thing.  For most of history humans ate what they could find to survive.  Many, if not most of us lived on the brink of starvation.   500 more words

Weakening Faith.


Sometimes we have things that comes to us and it shakes us out of the center. That place where we are in unity with the Universe and God inside ourselves. 572 more words

The Power Within

This is where I'm supposed to have a really excellent blog post...

I’ve been preparing for another MFR seminar for months and it’s this weekend.

That’s not entirely accurate. I’ve been trying to prepare for a very daunting MFR seminar, a 20 hour weekend course that focuses exclusively on the pelvis, and I probably haven’t given myself enough dedicated time. 291 more words

Finding Balance

Week 6

Well, today marked the first day of Week 6 of my final Fall quarter as an undergrad. That is rather weird to say, is it not? 458 more words


A journey, it is said, begins with a single step. And so I begin with this single blog.

Today, I found my path to momentary peace in the face of a plastic buddha that I recently began using as a desktop.   430 more words

Finding Balance

Exploring Health: Moderation in All

I’m on a “I need to get healthy” kick for the moment.  I’m trying hard to focus on health and not what I see in the mirror.   316 more words

Cats. You Think you Know What’s Going On And Then ….

I have previously posted about Orange Cat, Little Cat, and Bonus Cat.

Things have changed. I think I may have started it. I chased Bonus Cat. 361 more words

Finding Balance