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Life update

It kind of sucks when you post so infrequently that every post turns into a life update of sorts. Anyway, I am attempting to create some kind of regular posting schedule for myself that will fit into my school/work schedule. 406 more words


Spirituality on a scale...

There are days that I don’t feel spiritual at all, I just feel like Liz living her life: get up, brush teeth, get dressed, work, go home, dinner, TV, bed. 275 more words

There is Something Bigger Watching Over Me

I haven’t blogged for a bit because I am working on a very long blog entry. I still am, but in the meanwhile, am going to post this entry. 370 more words



A couple of months ago I went to lunch with a friend. The weeks leading up to it had been a mental tug of war. My head told me to go, but my heart wasn’t in it. 281 more words

Finding Balance

Finding that balance with friends

How many of us have a friend that has been your friend forever? That one person that has always been there but you both have lived different lives as well. 301 more words

Finding That Balance

Finding Strength in Rest

An important part of running is not only how hard you train, but giving your body the rest it deserves. During training, you break down muscle fibers and only during times of rest do those fibers have the opportunity to rebuild. 755 more words

Marathon Training

Giveaway Winners

The prize giving puppies are excited to share with you that they have chosen the winners of last week’s giveaways!

Congratulations to the winners who will be notified today via e-mail and  96 more words