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Before We Had Bucket Lists

Seems not that long ago that it was normal to save up for a new couch instead of a vacation. It was exciting to have enough money in the bank to make an extra big dinner for lots of friends. 474 more words


Happiness Habits for Life

Whether your feeling happy right now or not, we can always be happier and more resilient. There are some simple habits we can create in our life to feel happier pretty quickly. 608 more words


Most people don't even realize they're lying...

Most people don’t even realize they’re lying… most have gotten so used to denying their truth and telling people what they want to hear, that even the simplest things are lies… Our culture has evolved into a “show” we all participate in. 100 more words

Inner Power - Change

Existential Crisis

I think I’ve been going through an existential crisis of sorts. Either that or I am going bat-shit crazy. Since having weight loss surgery I have undergone so many changes so fast that it would make any sane person’s head spin and sometimes I don’t feel so sane. 1,390 more words

Weight Loss

One Is The Loneliest Number

During the day when four extremely noisy, energetic children nearly deafen me, I am constantly wishing for the peace and quiet that comes when they are all tucked safely in their beds.  286 more words

Finding Happiness

Engage – Can we go to Warp?

I was at a birthday party with my mom, my dad and his bad yesterday night and I found myself asking the same question through most of the night: Can we go to warp? 135 more words


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When a mirror crosses my path I avoid it! I do not own a single mirror. Such a device does not exist in my room. When I look in the mirror, I can pick apart the different layers and see my eyes my mind; it helps me to hide the inner most layers of paint, of lies, I tell myself each day, of hopes and dreams that were happiness, excitement, love, passion, obsession, hope, dreams, loneliness, confusion, curiosity, anger, suppressed fury, and sadness. 646 more words

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