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Focus on Beauty

Higgins:     Focus on beauty.

From a Higgins live session, April 13, 2009, Everett, Washington

Kindness Paradigm

Vantage - Off Putting or Put Off

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today” is one of the many western platitudes that have survived the test of time. I’m sure we all try to live by this beautiful philosophy and I’m sure we’ve all failed to do so on many occasions — I certainly have. 424 more words


3 Things To Do Today To Begin Your Journey To Happy

Everyone loves a great book, movie, storyline any day and every day. The challenge however, comes when we close the book, the credits roll and we go back to the natural lighting in the room. 555 more words


Choosing Happiness

by J. Kenduck
graphic by Savannah Tate

If I’ve learned one thing in my 18 years it’s that life isn’t fair. Being a part of an irrationally dysfunctional family, a cop pulling you over for speeding when everyone around you is going just as fast, not getting into the college of your dreams, bombing a test that you studied hours for. 339 more words

The Forum

Why Do I Dye My Hair - The Straight Answer

I forget that my hair is an unnatural color.  All the time.  Right now it’s currently this teal-blue-green color that I absolutely love.  But I forget that it’s not “normal”.   691 more words

Finding Happiness

Take a nap...

 When all else fails take a nap. Maybe you should take a nap today…a long nap! :)


Having to Do – For Me

If I didn’t come up with things to do for me, my stories wouldn’t exist. I was on the fence about going outside today because it was really hot and really humid. 600 more words