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Don't Go to the Dark Side: A Parting Message from Bill Phipps

“A not neat knot is a knot not needed,” says Bill as he’s teaching me elementary climbing and anchoring knots. Bill teaches the rock climbing and mountaineering portion of the COLT experience. 3,351 more words


The Comfort of Uncertainty

Art and life are never static. Never the same from one moment to the next – this holds true for the way the window light illuminates my desk, the expression on a person’s face in an unguarded moment, and even the chaotic tangle of my curly hair. 269 more words


Communities Inclined to Undercut Affordable Housing Plans

The trend to weaken policies that require affordable housing to be built for low and very low income people seems to be making its rounds in this country’s cities and counties. 245 more words

Finding Home

Colorado Springs Veteran Event 4/6/14

An announcement from Joe Barrera, the Colorado Springs Vietnam veteran who spearheads valuable veterans’ communication events called Veterans Remember and one of the interviewees in… 247 more words



Life is one big journey. Every journey begins with leaving home and ends with going back home… At least that’s what I think.
My whole life had been a journey. 572 more words

Finding Home

TAG Rescue - Thanet

Yasmine Moss is a 21 year old and owns 6 rescue dogs. She is not a typical mother of a child, but she is a mother figure to not only her own dogs but has helped hundreds of dogs in her lifetime so far…She is a vegetarian and owes her mother  a lot, who is also an ardent animal lover, for what she is today. 1,545 more words

Art And Culture


It’s seven in the morning on a bitter day in late November 2000 and I’m walking a picket line at York University on the outskirts of Toronto with my friend John Saul. 1,338 more words

Finding Home