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Namaste - Something we should all embrace.

Yesterday I started my third year of college, I will be that much closer to the sweet success of my Bachelors in Accounting Degree. I have worked so hard from day one to get where I am now, I have accomplished many things and enriched my life in many ways…So why did I feel the need to explain my life to the older ladies next to me?  524 more words

Finding Myself

She Called Again

No contact has some interesting twists and turns. For years I was kept away from my family so my narcissist could spread her lies and keep control of the flow of information. 455 more words


my daisy.

I found these words etched on two pieces of paper from an old notebook. They predate any of my current realizations. Before my bipolar diagnosis. I was always obsessed with opposites. 492 more words

Jah Feels

My Charles Trippy Story

I always hear stories about how Charles Trippy saved their life.

Well here is my story.


June of 2012 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, I didn’t know too much about the disease so I just figured since they knew what it was I would be fixed. 896 more words

When having nothing is having something

I spent the last few days up in the mountain hinterland, allowing the winter sun to seep into my skin and the scent of the forest to wrap around me – trees are always kind. 93 more words

Random Thoughts


So the boy I’ve been seeing, I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been away for only a couple of days and it feels like a week already. 194 more words



I’ve been told that writing this blog is brave. I don’t agree. I think it is part of the process of healing myself. It is when I do things that I am afraid to do that makes me feel brave. 625 more words