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New things in life...

So I am doing new things in life. I went to watch a play at George Washington and it was….fun. Lol. It was definitely a experience. 173 more words

Finding Myself

Coming soon!

So i recently did a male group post, so it is only fair that I do a female group post. But I am realizing that is difficult task. 58 more words

Finding Myself


Lately, more and more people seem to expect me to have my crap together. It’s not little things like remembering to do all my homework in advance of the night before or managing a schedule. 526 more words

Moxie Moments

Spreading the Love!!

So I have heard this song so much lately and I thought I would spread the spring fever and spread some spring lovey songs with your guys! 24 more words

Finding Myself

Home sweet home and acclimation.

They say that travelers travel because they are running away from something. In my case I love to travel because it teaches me something new about myself, my strengths, and it’s a chance to feel small. 614 more words

Results so far!!

So the results are in for the poll so far! Here are the results so far. If you would like to change them then feel free to go to my earlier post and vote for your favorite male group!!!! 43 more words

Finding Myself

Future Me

If you’ve never heard of or used FutureMe.org, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a free service and I’ve been using it sporadically since 2009. I love getting these emails from myself, like a reminder of my progress. 1,129 more words