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Can't My Brain Get On Board with that "Frozen" Song Already

Whenever I try to meditate I end up thinking am I doing this right?

I set the intention of being calm and in the moment.  Within seconds, it seems like I have a dozen spots on my body that need to be scratched and my mind is thinking of ten conversations from the past and inventing five more for the future. 1,041 more words


The Eye of the Storm

Living on the East Coast of the United States I am very familiar with tropical storms and hurricanes.  I remember years ago actually getting to experience what it’s like to have the eye of the storm pass over you.   504 more words


Love + Grace = Peace

Love is the first step in finding peace. As incomprehensible as God’s love is, it is the beginning of everything and must be the place from which my heart starts its journey toward peace. 554 more words


Peace at the blue tree

Art by MichelleMarie

If you only knew
5 seconds remain for me
maybe you would see
that for me life is timeless
I run from this thing… 89 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

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No More Path

And so I came to the place

where there was

no more path -

to what had seemed before

to be a dead end - 49 more words

Finding Peace

Saturday Evening...Art & Music...Life is Good

Saturday evening is coming on chilly and rainy and just really gorgeous. The windows have been open all day long in July! No need for air conditioning at all! 324 more words


What it's like from here

The July evening is breezing through the window in chilly gusts—hints of autumn that will inevitably fade in the thick of August, crowded out by humidity and the manic state of preservation even the environment takes upon itself before the searing cold of winter. 150 more words

Real Life