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Finding Peace

I’m not particularly evangelistic about my spirituality, but, lately, there are some aspects that I’ve been forcing myself to take charge of, and taking charge means talking about it. 335 more words



Everything most precious,

all that has been

truly satisfying,

has come out of

my own courage 

to become

really, really quiet –

to listen to my own soul.



Finding Peace

What If It Isn't...

What if it isn’t

about doing things right

or not doing what’s wrong?

What if it isn’t

about doing at all?

What if everything

just simply flowed from my heart… 34 more words

Finding Peace

Hope in Front of Me

I think that women, in general, tend to worry more than the opposite sex.  Men see a problem; and although they may be overwhelmed, frustrated, or even scared about how to solve it, they will focus solely on that one thing – Solving it.  1,025 more words

In Gentle Transformation

I return to stillness,

to my heart,

to where all is 

just as it is,

as it has been –

in gentle transfomation.

Perhaps it is this me… 11 more words

Finding Peace

Beyond The Struggle

I let go of trying so hard

to be okay,

to hold all of the answers –

all of the continuing struggle

of solving what appeared unsolvable, 16 more words

Finding Peace

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are the most peaceful time of the week for me. Usually, it is that way because I see it as my time with God where I am either preparing to go to church or spend time reading my bible and prayer at home. 148 more words