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Foundation for Rural Education and Development

One of the obstacles in Upstate New York is funding.  The economy in not booming in rural upstate.  Many of the rural communities are impoverish, as already highlighted in defining the problem.   106 more words

Finding Solutions

Technology company and community partnerships

Stephanie Chard, an ischool student contributed this find in our discussion about access.  It’s a program funded by Samsung and I think a great model for how companies can collaborate with communities to resolve issues of access and affordability. 107 more words

Finding Solutions

Participatory Engagement is key

Robin Mansell is at Professor at the London School of Economics focuses on “bottom up” participatory engagement.  This is an important factor when looking at access and affordability issues in rural settings.   96 more words

Finding Solutions

Inspiration, what works, and further considerations

I wanted to share some ideas and thoughts from a variety of sources on the topic of bridging the digital divide. What follows are a few articles and videos from people on the ground who are working in the fields of education and information technology and who have a close connection to the efforts (on all levels) of bridging the digital divide. 501 more words

Finding Solutions

Finding solutions: What is the user need?

Every community is unique which means that every community will have unique needs when it comes to digital access, training, and usage. Finding out what those needs are is an important first step in building practical digital solutions. 833 more words

Finding Solutions

Free Community Library - Made by book lovers for book lovers

Over the years, like many small towns,  the vacant spaces in our local shopping center have grown exponentially.

Leaving great gaping holes of emptiness that serve only to remind us that this once was a thriving mall. 400 more words


Stopping the ‘Should-Haves’

Regardless of where you are at in life, almost all of us can look back at a moment or moments and reflect on all the things we didn’t do but should have. 951 more words

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