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Perspectives on getting old(er)


Most of my ideas for blog posts are inspired by conversations I have or by things I observe. This one started to grow after I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday. 1,046 more words

Tales Life Tells

Let It Go, Keep It Gone

When I graduated from college (gasp) 10 years ago, I basically said as a journalist, I wouldn’t need graduate school. It would be a waste of my money and frankly anyone who was doing it who didn’t want to teach journalism was down right crazy. 1,372 more words

Emotional Women

Diving to the Source, my First Experience with Transcendental Meditation

Have you ever felt like the world wasn’t what you were told? Have you ever felt that there was someone hiding behind a curtain and eventually they’d jump out and say, “Gotcha”? 369 more words


Today I finished Dr. Ben Carson’s book entitled THINK BIG. I must say that I absolutely loved every line of this. Never in my life have I read a book, apart from the Bible, of course, that has so radically changed me as I was reading it. 1,042 more words

Finding Your Path

RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION: Education as Preparation for Work life.

Is a college degree worth the time and money spent to get it? Does education adequately prepare you for your future work life? This article is discussion about relevance of educational subjects and the jobs currently available for the specific education. 97 more words

Finding Your Path


Employment Tool from Putnam Clubhouse on Vimeo.

Employment can and should be an important part of the recovery process. In this video, produced by Putnam Clubhouse, we outline the many facts and statistics to prove that employment can help people recover.

Finding Your Path

CAREER PATHWAYS: Career Technical Programs

If you are interested in education but would rather not spend four years at a university, you may want to look into a technical program instead. 122 more words

Finding Your Path