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Sitting in a room full of brains and private thoughts.. All worried about self themselves. No one concerned with hurting you or your feelings. All thinking and assuming that they know every little detail of your being. 87 more words


When The Going Gets Tough

They say, “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” I have the kind of personality where my eyes roll into the back of my head when someone says that to me. 850 more words


With the plague of instant gratification hanging over the human race daily, many times we become overly focused on arriving to the destination without enjoying the journey you have to take to get there.   570 more words

Say it!

I sometimes get ridiculously scared of saying something. I mean, it sometimes really is ridiculous. Like I believed something awful might happen if I say a thing. 563 more words


I Was LOST and Now I'm Found

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, huh. Having you been looking for the answers to life, happiness and living true?  Well folks the answers are right there in the show LOST.   794 more words


Today I'm Feeling Old

Today I’m Feeling Old

By Josh Magill

Today I’m feeling old. Not the kind of old where my body is breaking down, but the old that has me looking backwards, looking… 154 more words

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