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It's all about the journey

Enjoy the journey, the path, the scenery, if you enjoy it all along the way you will not be dissapointed in the end and you will have made lots of memories along the way and destination won’t matter :)

I shall fear no Evil- Les Brown motivation

I remember listening to this last week and I really felt a positive shift in my demeanor. If you haven’t heard Les Brown speak, and if you’re on a journey toward becoming more than you are now, then take the time to listen to this video. 30 more words

Finding Your Way

Decisions or headaches

I find making a decision to be difficult sometimes. I weigh the pros and cons, but the cons of both always seem to outweigh making the decision. 66 more words

A candle of hope

Secretly, I love power failures. Sure, they’re inconvenient, but apart from the glorious silence they bring, I love lighting that first candle. I’m always amazed by how much light a single flame can produce. 67 more words


The Human Condition video

Getting back up when you fall down is the human condition. Loved this video:

Finding Your Way

Here's when you need to worry

Found this on Lifehacker earlier thought it was pretty spot on.

Finding Your Way

A few thoughts about the fear of the unknown

Dear all,

Deadline of big favourite translation is approaching but I wanted to stop and reflect on one thing I encountered in this project. It’s about… 387 more words

Lost In Translation