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The beginnings of a new series where the hand will be up front and center. Typography will be used to complement the message. Graphics may be a part of the photographs too.

Mobile Polaroids

Mobile Polaroid

Ant bombing fly -- 5 images

This isn’t the post I’d planned for today. But this morning on my way home from my walk I witnessed an odd scene that I was I able to partially capture with my camera. 239 more words


365 Project

We ain’t in Kansas, anymore.

Yellow Flowers (and a word about White Balance and Colorcasts)

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This is one of the times when auto-white balance is not your friend nor indeed any of the possible in-camera settings. 152 more words



Found this black empty billboard while walking about. Thought, hmm that’s an interesting blank canvas. So got out the Nokia and shot it. Then used a combo if my favorite apps to craft this image.

Mobile Polaroids

Mobile Polaroid

"Take Me Away"

There’s something about doing these kind of photos, not having a clue of how they’re  going to turn out that is rewarding and adventurous. I went to shoot this picture yesterday, but to my surprise, it was darker than I thought. 137 more words

Pink Flowers

For those who have been curious enough to take a look at my “About” page, you will notice that this is the icon of my “About me” part. 42 more words

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