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Field - Final piece development.

Initial Idea.

I liked this initial idea but felt it was a little basic in it’s design, also the straight lines of the buildings didn’t really put across the intensity of the city and the crowding of buildings, it felt a little sterile and sparse. 139 more words


Field: Final Piece Idea - continuation.

I used the map from my collaborative work, drawing out the streets and repeated areas of the map so I had a more intricate image that resembled a maze. 84 more words


Field - Final piece idea.

I wanted to merge the themes of maps and mazes with the skyline of the city. Initially I came up with an idea for a painting using the shapes of the buildings with spaces between representing the streets and the patterns on buildings linking to mazes. 38 more words


The World Beneath His Feet: The Axis Mundi, Al-Khidr, and The Cosmos in a Mughal Painting

The painting I shall examine in this work is of the Emperor Jahangir, fourth Mughal ruler, successor to Akbar The Great. In this iconic allegorical painting, the artist, Abu’l Hasan, represents Jahangir’s wealth and grandeur by depicting him shooting at a sickly figure of poverty with his royal bow. 2,686 more words


Karin Schaefer.

Karin Schaefer’s work maps the movement of people throughout their life time, documenting the places they travel to, and showing the way that people live their lives. 83 more words


Field: Maps as art.

Inspired by the map idea from my group work, for my individual project it seemed like the only way to go forward. Katharine Harmon’s book “The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography”, shows that maps are not only functional items that help us find our way but can also be art, making not just physical connections but emotional as well. 53 more words