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"Will it sink or float?"

With all the rain that fell late last week, we decided to take advantage of all the water in our outdoor space. We used aluminum foil to make boats and put them in the “pond” to see if they would float or sink. 17 more words

Fine Motor Fun

Try this easy and fun activity to build fine motor skills with your toddler.  Take a piece of play dough and make it flat and think enough to stick in two pieces of dry spaghetti.   53 more words

Bootifill Ghosts

Halloween is around the corner. We love ‘celebrating’ but our boys are a bit young to go the full scary-hog. These easy to assemble little ghosts are just the type of thing hanging around our house. 101 more words

Seed the Birds

Spring is here and so are the birds. There is nothing that makes you feel quite like Snow White in the forest, talking to all the woodland creatures and them listening intently to every word, than putting up a bird feeder and watching various garden birds stuff their little beaks. 186 more words

Water tray fine motor fun!

We have recently sorted our provision in the water tray to ensure a focus on fine motor skills primary over than gross motor skills and today I enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line. 48 more words



I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t been able to add them to the blog as I have been away on a study week. 269 more words