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The important stuff is in the fine print...

One of the biggest mistakes Canadians make on a regular basis is judging mortgages strictly on the lowest rate…this is one of the least important aspects of a mortgage in fact.   220 more words


Understanding The Fine Print - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 603

In my last blog I was explaining the suggested process that was introduced in the most recent “Soul of Money” Interviews on Eqafe about the point of how to develop ones ‘Business Resolve’. 773 more words

Journey To Life

True Lies

It’s been twenty years since Arnold Schwarzenegger kept the fact that he was a spy from his movie wife Jaime Lee Curtis in True Lies. She really wasn’t lied to as much as just not told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 438 more words


Colours of life, colours of decay

“Travailler et créer “pour rien”, sculpter dans l’argile, savoir que sa création n’a pas d’avenir, voir son oeuvre détruite en un jour en étant conscient que, profondément, cela n’a pas plus d’importance que de bâtir pour des siècles, c’est la sagesse difficile que la pensée absurde autorise.” ― Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus


The Spirit is in the Fine Print

God’s ministry of grace is a tricky business.

Imagine for a moment you plagiarized a paper – and not just fudged some quotes or forgot a couple citations, but quite literally copy-and-pasted a Wikipedia article into your paper.   649 more words


Grand Potter

From behind a window lined with handmade pottery native to the land, the Grand Canyon and its conductor, the Colorado River, glow profoundly.


Why it is important to read the fine print

We live in an era where almost every product is sold using aggressive marketing techniques. Most products in the finance domain- credit cards, loans, bank account, real estate are advertised using eye catching colorful images and bold text. 449 more words

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