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This knitting pattern is named "Maize." Insert the pun of your choosing.

And for the month of November, we have a last minute, super short, I-forgot-I-have-a-blog-because-I-occasionally-have-a-life blog post.

Here, I made some fingerless gloves. They are pretty nifty. 138 more words


Sneak Peek

My hands are cold all the time. I don’t know what it is, but whether I’m typing, knitting, or driving, they just can’t stay warm. Those hand warmer packets they sell at stores are a lifesaver if I’m going to be outside for a long period of time (I even have a microwaveable set stashed away somewhere), but there has to be a better solution, right? 252 more words

Fingerless Mitts

Knitting Recipe Remixes: Shetland Pony Drink Cozy + Handbook Fingerless Chevron Mitts

Recipes. I use them all the time in cooking—I’ll certainly be consulting a few for the Thanksgiving dishes I’m making next week. However, I usually see the ingredients and directions as more suggestions than mandates. 1,272 more words


Finally Settling In

I’m finally starting to get settled in from my move and managed to find my camera and cord as well as my camera battery charger which I figured out I needed as soon as I tried to take any pictures. 182 more words

Kaela Knits

Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Warm hands, warm hearts

Given that fingerless gloves have always been my favorite thing to knit, it’s funny that we’ve talked about hats for the whole family and cowls all around… 256 more words