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Following loss of fingerprints, DC asks gun owners to re-register

Washington Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier (Photo: Fox 5)

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department, after losing part of its electronic fingerprint database, is sending gun owners notice that they need to come by and give them again. 107 more words


Golden posies

The posies in the yard have lifted their heavy heads- held out their hands and shown no signs of pollen.

While they’re remorseful, no traces of gold have been found… 44 more words


2 Portraits- Reflection

Looking back at my work on portraiture, I am very happy with my outcome and how I overcame any problems that occurred. I feel that this work on ‘2 Portraits’ is a lot stronger than my work I did previously during the first year, I have considered the idea of portraiture in a more unusual and creative way, trying to think outside the box. 292 more words

2 Portraits- The Final Images

After spending time researching and testing different ideas for photographing two subjects’ fingerprints, I decided to use the ink printing method to show the viewer the lines and textures of each fingerprint, highlighting how they are different and all unique. 351 more words

६ क्विन्टल कोकिन, दुईसय किलो हेरोइन, १३ सय किलो चरेश बरामद

KATHMANDU :इन्टरपोलले युरोपियन युनियन अन्र्तगत रहेका राष्ट्रमा गरेको आठदिन लामो अप्रेसनमा एकहजार जना अभियुक्त र ६ क्विन्टल कोकिन, दुईसय किलो हेरोइन, १३ सय किलो चरेश बरामद गरेको छ । समुन्द्री बन्दरगाह र नाकामा संगठित अपराध बिरुद्धको अप्रेसनमा यो सफलता हात लागेको इन्टरपोलले जनाएको हो । बाँकी समाचार अग्रेजीमा छ है । 252 more words

2 Portraits- Testing

From spending time researching about fingerprints and looking at photographers’ work, I was influenced with my own work and so began testing different idea that I could use for my final images. 657 more words


Chapter 4 - Harry and The Phone Call

Chapter 4 – Instalment 2

Placing the coffee on his desk Jack slumped into his chair and allowed the fatigue of the day to catch up with him.  1,416 more words

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