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Dusting for Fingerprints

“The thing about fingerprints is that they are subtle. What we would like is a finger pointing the way we should go. What we get, sometimes, is a tangible clue that wherever we go, He is with us.

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How Rare! (Haibun)

Everyone knows what corn on the cob looks like.  Perfect golden kernels in perfect golden rows, right? 

Not so much. 

I love to peel the husks from Pennsylvania sweet corn – the scent of fresh corn bursts into the air, and you can’t help but smile.  209 more words

Absolutely Oriented.... Or Not

PREO, or Pre-Employment Orientation, was yesterday. I had been anxiously awaiting this for weeks after accepting my new position. I had hoped that this would be an opportunity to learn about the school district, my benefit options, the new curriculum (based on Common Core, which I don’t hate. 478 more words

New Teacher

Detective Tony Finds Himself a New Job.

The man lay passed out on the floor. Two men in khaki suits and ties stood over the body.
“This is really not what I do.” 755 more words

Chapter Two - It's A Living

The ladder was purely for his benefit.  It became necessary to distance the photographer from his subject after one particularly unprofessional mishap involving a rather fetid body and an unsteady photographer leaning too far in an attempt to record … What he was recording has long been lost in the retelling of the legendary fall of Constable Westaway.  636 more words

Creative Writing

‘Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched.’

- Will Fetters, Memoirs