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Day 17 – Reach for the Sky

Song of the Day: Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

It’s amazing how very tall structures can quickly disappear in a modern cityscape. There’s a building under construction at the entrance to QF, which will be the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies. 603 more words


Volunteering at British schools

I loved everything about the state-funded school my son attended for 6 months when we were in the UK and have written about the experience  384 more words


Fingerprint 2

A Tented Arch Fingerprint Pattern

There are no two fingerprints that look alike. Not even on identical twins because each person develops differently in a woman’s womb: 94 more words



Our walls tremble 
with every wind
and each of the world’s 
whispers speak 
of our impermanence 
yet my optimism,
it never fades

each of us, every one… 44 more words


Fingerprinted and Identified

Often times the only way to know someone touched something is to dust for fingerprints.


Discover the fundamentals of DMIT - The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test!

The ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test’, also known as DMIT, can be described as an appealing commercial product which suggests that ‘Multiple Intelligences’ can be assessed from dermatoglyphics & fingerprints. 116 more words

Palm Reading