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… you’ve seen ONE Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient! It is as individual as fingerprints, no two alike.


Living a Life of Love

In this culture, do we really know what love is? Do we even know what it looks like? Do we know what it is to have someone admirable to imitate or aspire to be? 501 more words

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Alibaba inches closer to an Apple Pay deal, one fingerprint at a time

Alibaba and Apple, whose bosses expressed an interest in marrying their respective mobile e-payments platforms last month, have moved from flirting to dating. Alibaba’s Alipay payments affiliate announced yesterday that it will allow users to authenticate their accounts with the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor instead of a password, indicating a deepening relationship between the two companies. 214 more words

If We Don't Make It to that Next Town, At Least We Can Watch the Fingerprint Storm Brew Above Us

Must start Christmas shopping. But see, I have to have money for that. And while I do, I don’t know if I want to spend it on other people. 149 more words