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Poem a Day - Day 21 - Prompt is Fingerprints

The photo above and today’s OctPoWriMo prompt were from the very talented Julie Jordan Scott. Our prompt was to think about fingerprints, handprints, or footprints. 184 more words

#OctPoWriMo 21 - I was here

As it is becoming trickier this time of the month to keep coming up with poetic ideas that I can make into complete thoughts, I looked whole-heartedly at today’s prompt from… 108 more words



No one’s going to take your place

Your fingerprints on my heart

Can’t be erased

The wind in this city

Feels like your breath

How can I move on… 66 more words

Alaska Airlines Testing Fingerprint Scanning For Members-Only Club Access

Things are getting a bit more personal at Alaska Airlines. Travelers can now enter the airline’s member-only lounge by scanning their fingerprints rather than showing identification. 229 more words

Our loved ones are never fully lost

Like a sculptor’s fingerprints subtly, almost imperceptibly left behind on the wet clay that he shapes, so too is left behind on our hearts the imprint of people who’ve loved us. 69 more words


Case I: Chapter 4: A Suspect is Identified

Case I: Chapter 4: A Suspect is Identified

Garcia returns to the police station and goes back to visit to Medical Examiner.

“Is there anything else you can tell me about the murderer based on your autopsy, George?” 1,326 more words

Case I