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Training for a specific goal race can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially during days when motivation is low, the weather is crappy and your body is still sore. 199 more words

Run Fever

#collegekidprobs - that I've brought on myself

Heyyyyy, remember me? Yea, me either.

Anyways, I have neglected you blog, yet again. I’d say I won’t do it again ….but that would be a lie. 154 more words

April 10th

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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: unless you are donating blood, give 100% to all you do!

Your 100% probably looks different than mine. 191 more words

You Have Arrived At Your Destination

Gayle and I just got back from going to see our son’s family in Chesapeake, VA. On our flight to Norfolk there were some on the plane who were going on to another destination. 389 more words

Health And Wellness

The scale can suck a lemon!

I am not a fan of bathroom selfies, but I took one today… The scale really bothered me this morning and after looking at pictures from then and now I am encouraged. 38 more words

Finish Strong

Today’s reading is 1 Kings 11-15.

I’ll admit it almost doesn’t seem fair. The man of God who confronted and rebuked Jeroboam in 1 Kings 13 did mostly what God said, properly rebuking Jeroboam and refusing to eat with him. 122 more words


"You're my favorite" A Teacher's Perspective

I had an interesting conversation with my wife. Most of the conversations I have that are worth mentioning take place between my wife and myself. The main reason for this is the fact that we think very similarly and differently at the same time and she isn’t afraid to challenge me. 575 more words