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Crochet Pond ~ Free Pattern

I love getting suggestions and ideas for what to crochet next. When my sister suggested crocheting a pond, complete with duck appliqués, I thought it was a great idea, so we got started right away. 1,120 more words

Crochet Pattern

YOP - Year 4 week 3

This week’s progress is as follows;

The Flanders Poppies blanket is half way, joining in four more mores and the border is all that remains. I’m joining these squares as I go with the green, while all the time thinking of what I want for the border which is for the most part decided. 677 more words


Baby it's cold outside

It’s dipped down below freezing the past couple nights here in Huancayo.  By below freezing I mean -1 C / 30 F.  None of the homes here in the city have any sort of indoor heat source (save natural heat from the sun, which can feel about 70 degrees if you’re standing in its direct path outside from about 2-4 pm when the sun is at its strongest), so most locals just pile on the layers and huddle up under alpaca… 236 more words


FO - Strawberry Ruffles

I managed a small FO this week.

A Strawberry Ruffle Washcloth.

This like last weeks one is done in a Tunisian Simple Stitch pattern.

Unlike last weeks cloth though this is done in a cotton and bamboo mix yarn and this is the first in this set. 44 more words


The Mainah Tee

I was recently introduced to the term Wahlheimat, a German word, like so many German words, that crams a lot of meaning into a few letters. 230 more words


keep calm and crochet Bower Birds!

There’s been so many exciting bloggy things lately that I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with the bit you might be wondering about. 544 more words


Finished Object: Dress for My Niece

With my most recent failure in dress making, let’s talk about a successful finished dress.

When, I started the OAL2014 I didn’t know anything about the amount of fabric needed. 113 more words