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Traditional Anchor

Lets not define ourselves purely by tradition…..

Yes… “Beauty is essentially a matter of values; if values are confused,if there are no standards, if valueless things are admitted among the valued, judgments of beauty lose their basis.” 98 more words

Finished Work

Deliberation of Choice

She’s falling on a cloud
Exploring beyond clarity
Beyond reason
Defined by a misplaced anger
A chastened soul from grace to an early grave
Deliberation of choice… 7 more words

As the Crows Fly

A round-a-bout look at one of chawans from the winter of 2012 “As the Crow Flies” series.
The cut paper stenciled design just floats in the shino glaze…
Just Awesome

Finished Work

Beggar's Bowl

2010 Beggar’s Bowl made for the TideWater Art Gallery’s annual Souper Supper fundraiser.

Finished Work

Rare Orange

Testing what is against what isn’t…
and finding what’s rare.

Finished Work

Gems of the Fire

Stories can be found in the bellies of a few very special kilns.
Not every kiln is capable of leaving its touch on the work being fired, but a… 67 more words

Newcastle University Undergraduate Degree Show

The time has come for me to leave my institutional home of the last 4 years and move into “the real world”. I still hope to continue to practice art alongside a full time job. 288 more words

Claire Lavender