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I'm still on a high

I can’t believe I completed the run, three weeks ago I was still on antibiotics. It would have all too easy to not run, but as I’d entered the race with a friend, I didn’t want to let her down. 408 more words


Mission Accomplished!

Finally the first ten production BadPrinter2 are completed and running!
We are tired for the hard work of this long week end, but very happy and proud for the result! 98 more words

3D Printing

9th story + afterword of "Girls' Specialty" are translated + "Komeiji Dialog" + "Saku Saku Panda" are archieved.

Both 9th and afterword of “Girls’ Specialty” are translated. The whole book is now completed.
“Girls’ Specialty”の第9章と後書は翻訳しました。 本の全体、翻訳しました。
เรื่อง9 กับคำท้ายเล่ม ของ “Girls’ Specialty” แปลเสร็จแล้ว แปลครบทั้งเล่มแล้ว 47 more words


I present to you, Her Majesty, Elizabeth Tudor, in illuminated glass...

This piece is to pay homage to a woman I’ve always admired, Elizabeth I. The only good thing to come out of Henry IIIV, in my opinion. 677 more words


Celestial Children - Naiades Altemisia

Sixth character in the series of Celestial Children, is the spellsinger of the cosmos, Naiades Altemisia.

In the ideal RPG setting, her powers would be a mix between sorceress and bard/dancer; Naiades sings magical songs to summon forth magical spells to burn the enemies away. 54 more words


notice of an end

notice of an end
tears shed for a past long gone
what’s done, is finished


Celestial Children - Diocles Nadranos

Fifth character in the series of Celestial Children, is the Sagittarius archer, Diocles Nadranos.

Sketchfab preview, click here :B

Modelling, UV-Mapping, Rendering: Blender… 34 more words