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It’s Thanksgiving today. He’s with his family, which is good. I’m happy for him. He needs his family. He has missed them terribly, and they are wonderful people. 313 more words


Reaper Bones 77110: Deathsleet

This is my first creature of this size, so I didn’t put tons of effort into making him look amazing.  I’m glad I chose the “tabletop” route, since he still took quite a bit of work.  212 more words


Female Dual-Wield Fighter

Finished up this lady during the week. I was originally intending her to be a bit higher quality, but she was very accident prone so I decided to settle for high tabletop level. 145 more words


Novus Design Studios Scatter Terrain - Update 2

I finished the first of the pieces of resin scatter terrain I picked up, turning it into an objective marker that can be used by Cerci Speed Circuit (Relic Knights).  40 more words


Relic Knights Boost Markers

I finished up the last two boost markers for Relic Knights.

Here’s the collection of all eight.


My Personal Angry Ex-Girlfriend Rant

This is my perfectly acceptable, angry ex-girlfriend rant about the issues that I had with our break up. I had to text it because 1) he doesn’t like confrontation in person, and 2) he’s been avoiding/ignoring me after I told him to go f*** himself (understandable). 464 more words