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Moody on Mondays

Moodiness is hot!! Well not really but the deep dark colors that give off that moody vibe are, especially in florals! You can’t go wrong with making a bold lip statement this fall. 82 more words


Fur Reals

…well it’s not for real but I am!! Finally got me some faux fur. For the past year I been debating weather I could pull the fur off and well I’ve tried plenty on and just always thought it was too much for the little town I live in. 75 more words


Shorts be lookin Tights! 😉

Yea, yea, so it’s gettin a little chilly out…no actually it’s pretty fuckin cold. But still! When it comes to outfits I usually take one for the team! 70 more words

Finishing Touches

It’s been a while but here are some last minute touches, colours and patterns in my room. It’s only taken me two months to finish unpacking!


Backpack! Backpack!

Long story short..my mission to bring the 90’s back is well on its way! Check out this other find! My “burse” from like 2nd grade!! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and then some people that kinda chuckled cuz my wallet barley fits in there these days.. 21 more words

Finishing Touches


I’ve changed my theme a few times to settle on format. The cloud category isn’t working properly – that’s next.

I’ve registered by blog – and in order to complete registration, I need to have their icon somewhere on my site, so here it is… 55 more words

Blog Registry

Maintaining Peace During the School Year

School is back in full swing and you might’ve quickly realized how hectic days can become. No matter your kids’ ages, spending time together as a family is important. 566 more words

Finishing Touches