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Evolution is not attached to definitions

Nothing is definite.
A definition is a prison of finite.
Everything is a process in motion.
We experience the difference
Not the current state.
Relativity and conditioning… 33 more words


MC Bravado - Infinite/Finite

Infinite/Finite (Man Comes Around)” is the first song off of MC Bravado’s(@MCBravado) Johnny Cash Tribute/Conceptual EP Walk the Line.

DAY 18 - Reaching for God: Sum of many finites does not equal the infinite...

Note: this isn’t a discussion on religion or belief. It’s intended as a discussion on realms of perception. It is a thought experiment, aimed at providing a method to cover the evolving manner that people will perceive the Universe as they know and see more of that Universe within the lifetime of humanity. 1,289 more words

Cognate: Scaffolding

All My Peoples


All my peoples around the world

we won’t give it up

All around the world they go

We won’t give it up

She won’t give it up… 351 more words

Into The Shower And Back Again.

Poem 343 - Nihil Sine Te

Nihil Sine Te

Nothing without you

Oh universe, you, eternal one, looming over my work
With your infinite and unimaginable eternity,
Secure in the knowledge that all but you must end,

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Wise Wisdom

At times, we stay up all night with our mind whirling with issues that need a wise solution (Ecclesiastes 2:23). Solomon, the wisest man in the world, realized that following the world’s wisdom is like following the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:17). 317 more words

Union With Christ