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the indelicate dance of the dogs

If you spend a significant amount of time with more dogs than people, you’ll find they have this way of becoming your people. You start referring to them in human contexts: who’s crushing on whom, who makes up the old married couples, who had scandalous flings in the past, existing love triangles, who the ladies men and the mean girls of the kennel are. 825 more words


Single Digits!

This week is Week 32, which means ideally I can count the number of weeks left on my hands.  I will state here and now, however, that I fully expect this kid to be as late as possible.   1,072 more words


Helsinki steps up for LGBT

As Spring comes around, my thoughts – like so many people – turn to travel, and making plans for my next much-needed trip away. I’d like to think that I have an adventurous streak, and that I’m not afraid to try something new – but with so much publicity about LGBT rights in countries right around the world I’m also cautious about where I go, and who is the recipient of my hard earned tourism spending. 1,403 more words


Euro Dummies Podcast: ESC 2014 Review – Semi 2 (part 2)

Part four of our shows reviewing the songs competing in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. In this episode, we look at the songs in the second half of Semi 2. 96 more words


The colors of spring

Spring rushes on with amazing speed. Soon there will be leaves in the trees and everything will turn green. At the moment though, the colors seem to be more golden and yellow as there has been a dry spell for a while in Southern Finland. 106 more words