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Clearing Finnegan's Attic

To stay, to say, but fear to stray

Words astray like Finnegan’s Wake

Dead or awake

An old tea kettle in the back

Is it all an acrobatic act? 98 more words


The thinning of language (Doris Lessing)

I am in a mood that gets more and more familiar: words lose their meaning suddenly. I find myself listening to a sentence, a phrase, a group of words, as if they are in a foreign language—the gap between what they are supposed to mean, and what in fact they say seems unbridgeable.

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Finnegan's Wake

That’s right – I’m still working on it. I don’t give up (easily).

One of me favorite Irish tunes.


A Fish Market Is Not As Fun As Skeeball

Friday happy hour planning conversations are starting to sound bit like a (really short) broken record. “What should we do for happy hour?” Silence. “What should we do for happy hour?” Silence. 327 more words

3 cheers for munster quark

3 cheers for munster quark

Hours hath turned
among the dunes and waves.
A lake of blood
and a tear,
bubbling brewing
slightly over
the edge of this land. 105 more words

Christ Church Cathedral - Living History

The old phrase about being ‘steeped in history’ certainly applies to Christ Church Cathedral like no other building in Dublin. When you realise that its foundation took place less than twenty years after the Battle of Clontarf, then that is almost a thousand years of history. 312 more words