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Getting the Band Back Together

Did you know, Dear Reader, that the most common male name in the world must be Muhammad Chan?  We do.  That’s because back in the day, Team Audubon-Frostymoeg (d.b.a Economy Biscuit) used to excel at the highly competitive sport of bar trivia, frequently referred to as “pub quiz.”  We won cash prizes, bar tabs, free food, clothing, random promotional items, and – most importantly – bragging rights.  538 more words

Back Home in Altamonte Springs

When I was an undergrad at the University of Central Florida, a wackadoodle friend of mine formed a band called the Sherilyns, named after 1980’s actress Sherilyn Fenn.   528 more words

Roll Out the Barrel

Let me preface this rant about our post-Orchid Saturday Rum Barrell audition with some background about Frostymoeg.  She watches too much Food Network.  It’s pretty much all she watches unless I’m around to commandeer the remote, but she would be content to abandon most programs in favour of Chopped reruns.   432 more words

Classing up the place at Orchid Bar

Saturday evenings used to be predictable for us Lost Souls. We would arrive at Finn’s for a very happy Happy Hour with the usual suspects, indulge in a heavenly basket of Colcannonballs, and more often than not enjoy a $6 burger (or veggie burger!) for supper before declaring the newest juke box roulette theme or enjoying some excellent live music with local artists such as Festa or Lance Taylor. 456 more words

Shot and Giggles and shots and shots . . .

Choosing the next stop after a reasonably satisfactory happy hour at Shanna Key was akin to choosing between a root canal and a tetanus shot: necessary and painful.   490 more words

Well, at least it's an Irish pub . . .

Let me start by stating that I am a Soul who loves his neighbourhood bar.  Even though I can’t drink like I could at 16, I still enjoy a frosty adult beverage and the odd shot or two of the Huntmaster (it does contain elk’s blood, you know).   342 more words