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Sick and Tired of the Finnish Cinema Industry

I’m from Finland, and pretty much the only thing worse than the state of the Finnish film industry is the the state of the Finnish cinema industry. 396 more words

رامي شعبان - لاعب كرة Rami Shabaan

رامي شعبان لاعب كرة في السويد. يمكنك أن تقرأ مقالة قصيرة  جداً هنا أو تشاهد مقابلة معه هنا. يبدأ يتكلم باللغة العربية ثم يستمر كلامه باللغة السويدية (أو ربما لغة أخرى) ولكن من الممكن ان تفهم تحدثه من الترجمة المكتوبة

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More drawings over at Pinterest

I uploaded some of my croquis (artistic nude) drawings and sketches to my Pinterest account. Go and see, more to come in the future!


Day 19 - Tom of Finland Stamps

I’m happy to see things moving forward in the world. And even though it’s not legal for gay people to marry yet in Finland, at least this is a small step in the direction of recognising a talented ionic gay Finnish artist :) One day soon, one day :) Oh, and can I say “M-mm-mmmmm!” I have a feeling traditional post cards might soon be back in ;P

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Meidän häämatkamme

Mieheni ja minä menimme naimisiin 23 syyskuuta 2011, ja vietimme häämatkamme oli Sveitsissä. Ostimme halvat lentoliput säästääksemme rahaa, joten meillä oli monia lentoja. Kun vihdoinkin saavuimme Geneveen, olimme todella väsyneitä ja tämän takia halusimme löytää hotellimme ja nukkua. 395 more words

Ratoja (Tracks), 26.4.2014 - 18.5.2014, Seinäjoki, Finland

Having a solo show at Varikkogalleria starting the 26th of this month. Just a week to go now! Excited and tired already, before even having paintings packed up and ready to go… but it’s going to be another good lesson on how to do things better than ever before. 30 more words