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Finnish Lappish food

a little while ago, my husband & i celebrated our 8th anniversary. by ‘celebrate’, i meant we ate out (of course). this time our place of choice was a restaurant in Helsinki which specializes in Finnish Lappish food, Saaga restaurant. 759 more words




It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and that’s because of something that has slowed me down and blocked my path quite a bit: my laptop doesn’t want to work anymore. 713 more words



Its been absolutely eons since I’ve gone on about Finnish music. Admittedly, I’ve not really been looking, but sometimes great Finnish music just tends to pop up in my Youtube recommended side so wooo! 311 more words

Indie Folk

Herra Jumala

Only Finnish people will recognize this title, or perhaps linguists in general.

For me, these words are a wonderful discovery.

I heard them often when as a youngster, I lived with my Finnish grandparents. 81 more words

Ancestral Land

go out to the tumbled down sauna
and the rusted tin tub with no bottom
in it sits a pile of cold stones     the old ones… 42 more words


Stages of Living abroad

Hello Readers!

I was trying to think of more topics for my blog, and I thought why not cover the supposed different stages of living abroad?! 802 more words