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Bizarre Finnish Chase Scene Featuring A Street Bike With Off-Road Tires and Furries

This is a pretty amazing little piece of video. Here is a list of whats included…


-a tank

-streetbike with knobbies


-paintball gun/scantily clad finnish ladies

-and quite inexplicably…furries

• nakkikastike •

hot dog sauce in Finnish. quite delicious to me. Unfortunately, my family isn’t a great fan of sausages so I will probably make this sauce for chicken or something. 29 more words


Finnish version of “Silvius” or “Sylvester”, or possibly a variation of “Silvio”, the Italian / Spanish / etc. version of “Silvius”.

VARIATIONS and NICKNAMES: 34 more words


Finnish Lappish food

a little while ago, my husband & i celebrated our 8th anniversary. by ‘celebrate’, i meant we ate out (of course). this time our place of choice was a restaurant in Helsinki which specializes in Finnish Lappish food, Saaga restaurant. 759 more words




It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and that’s because of something that has slowed me down and blocked my path quite a bit: my laptop doesn’t want to work anymore. 713 more words