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My Top 5 Favorite 3DS Games

Ah. I don’t really have any video-game-loving friends to geek out about this with, so… hello internet!

Here’s a list of my all time favorite Nintendo 3DS games! 465 more words

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Gaming as a Social Medium

So the other day I bought the new RPG that been all the rage for my brand new Philips CDX System. In one fell swoop, I peeled the plastic wrapping and security tape off. 524 more words

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power up rewards pro


I wanted to get this game, Fire Emblem awakening, it’s been awhile since I got a serious fighting game! I can’t remember what my last game like this was! 130 more words


The English Otome Game Guide for Beginners Part Five : Recommendations - Handheld

Welcome back to the English Otome game guide! Today we are going to be making a brief sojourn into the world of handheld (meaning in this case psp/vita and ds/3ds) otome games. 1,309 more words

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...When All You Have is a Hammer

Continuing from my previous thoughts, Spec-Ops and Hotline Miami, perhaps the two most visible “violent games about violent games,” have player-characters who only use violence to interact in the world. 1,779 more words

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Otakon! + a personal list of convention dos and don'ts

Hello, WordPressians!!  I’m back from Otakon!  I have been to this anime convention a few times already, but this year it was definitely one of the most fun conventions I’ve ever attended!   824 more words

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