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Now Playing (Week of April 19th)

It’s been a long while since my last post. Work, trips, and general life happenings have gotten in the way. But things are finally settling down, and I’ve finally had (a little bit of) time to play a few games. 389 more words


Taking a Look Back at The Super Smash Bros. Direct

I stalled long enough. It’s time to finally take a look back at my Predictions for Fire Emblem and Smash Bros and see how I did. 754 more words

Fire Emblem

Do You Even Pose?

If you saw yesterdays post and been on the Facebook recently you can tell I’ve been a little obsessed with JoJo Bizarre Adventure. I was really excited that I got some cosplayers and friends to JoJo pose for the Recap and since there’s a delay with the Taiko Drum videos I thought I’d share with you all some of my favorite JoJo Poses. 6 more words


The DLC Dilemma

Downloadable content is, conceptually, a blessing. Even after the game has been put on store shelves and gamers have explored every single one of its nooks and crannies, developers can still deliver brand new levels, items or challenges. 966 more words


Monthly Fire Emblem News #4

god I need to write a new post this week—
Walters (@FE4vsFE5) April 14, 2014

So here, you have a new post. Yeah, as expected, not the one you should be expecting.

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Super Smash Brothers Update!

It’s the second Nintendo Direct of 2014 and this is the one we’ve been waiting for. ┬áMasahiro Sakurai announces he is currently working on the new Smash Bros game at Bandai Studios. 439 more words


FE: A - Character Commentary: Kellam

Ah Kellam. Kelly. Callous. Call ‘um. Kill ‘em. Whatever you want to call this guy, is the most tragic character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He’s also an astronaut who lost his helmet. 620 more words