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Fire fighting a science

At one time firefighting was a nuisance  tackled  by the authorities and community . Decades ago a forest fire saw untrained conscripts and people who logged or mined in the bush thrown at a fire in a makeshift way.  170 more words


National Personnel Records Center Fire of 1973 - Why its news today

In 1956, a National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) building was constructed in St Louis to hold military personnel records. The upper floor of this building caught fire on July 12th 1973. 395 more words

Case Study Fire

5 Reasons Choice Theory Works 100% of the Time

As I walked out of the Education building at Pacific Union College yesterday afternoon, a large plume of smoke caught my eye. It seemed to be very close and in the direction of my house. 971 more words

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Drillin & Grillin

So recently I have taken over as the “Sunday day crew chef”. It started it out with one meal and now it’s like a weekly thing that everyone expects and I really look forward to coming up the the menu. 632 more words

PM Types Part 1- Introduction

As we begin our journey from reactive to proactive maintenance, the first step is to come to the realization of the position you are in as a maintenance department. 524 more words


Turning Water into Wine

Late last night I finished reading Timothy Egan’s The Winemaker’s Daughter. This debut novel tells the story of Brunella Cartolano, an architect who works to save the family vineyards in the arid wine country east of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. 241 more words


1937: Fire Fighting in Wilmington, Part 2

In 1937, C.M. Dillon donated Race to the Fire, a painting that depicts engines from two rival fire companies dashing through Wilmington’s streets to see who arrived first on the scene. 162 more words

150 Years In 150 Days