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What's going on in Madison?

So, we’ve been making a lot of fuss over Give Local Piedmont, but it’s become more than just a day of giving for Madison Non-Profits.  It’s also a day to celebrate the work we are doing in the community and the work we do in partnership with each other.   253 more words

Clarington councillor owes firefighters an apology

It’s one thing to call someone names in the heat of the moment, it’s a completely different scenario when you have the name calling already written down on a script. 220 more words

Proposed firehall location needs reconsidering

I would like answers to these questions regarding the proposed fire station at Milloy and Chandler Rd.

1) Why would there be such a rush to build these fire stations without any proper studies? 251 more words


When it comes to firefighters, seconds count more than money

When I last wrote about the issue Clarington is having in regards to hiring four full-time firefighters, I thought it was strictly a money issue. 457 more words