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I Set Off The Fire Alarm

(nee naw nee naw nee naw)

In the interests of not having their students burn to death due to culinary incompetence, my uni has fire alarms stationed about every five feet in our flat, including in the middle of the ceiling in my room in place of a light, so it’s gloomy with the desk lamp by itself, but at least I’m safe! 434 more words

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5 Ways to Spot Worked Wicks & 19 Ways to Gain Control with your Prop

Today’s post is about two different questions that came up recently on Facebook and GlitterGirl’s answers to them:

Question: When are wicks too worked to be safe?

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Fall Fire Safety Tips

As the summer is behind us and fall is approaching, take a few moments to review some fall fire safety tips that can prevent disasters in your home. 424 more words

How I play with Lego grown up

Last month the company Lego released their Research Institute set (conceived by geoscientist Ellen Kooijman to promote science careers for women). The set features a woman chemist, a woman astronomer, and a woman archaeologist. 473 more words

Fire Safety

Home Fire Preparedness - Today and Everyday

by Sara Brown, Volunteer Blog Writer, American Red Cross New Hampshire

Making sure your house is prepared for a fire is one of the most important things you can do for you and your family. 224 more words

American Red Cross

Firenado: Uncle Smokey Earns his Name

If you repeat a bad idea enough times, it starts to sound like a fantastic idea. If you’ve been drinking for three straight days, it might even sound like the… 716 more words


Everything you wanted to know about CIE and VAD but were afraid to ask

Preparing for the seminar at FIA FIM Expo in the Titanic Centre, Belfast and looking at the empty seats I’m getting that sinking feeling (sorry I couldn’t resist J). 526 more words