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The Fire Of Youth

Assalamualaikum I bid to fellow brothers and sisters of Islam.

Today, I want to share an experience I had a few days ago. I went to the zoo! 478 more words


Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins

The World is on fire,

Its burning from within,

And everyones desire,

Is someone else’s sin.

The people are all suffering,

No matter the color or creed, 188 more words


Mind's fire.

Circulating Spirals of uncertainty rise and retreat.

Dark forms burn in my brain, casting secret shadows from clear flame,

releasing Angels and Demons, both pure and profane. 98 more words

October 20 2012

I was inside a two story home that belonged to someone else. It was cluttered and others were with me. Jason slept in his own room because we weren’t together at the time. 567 more words


Dream Dragon & Flowers

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Black Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate & Flowers by IreneDesign2011 in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/179952290

Would you wear this bracelet? I would appreciate to know, thank you;-)

Have a smiling day



Darkness & Light

A month between posts! I’m calling it a hiccup, on account of a very festive season.

So. Between my last post and today, I managed to read… 588 more words


Meat Epiphany

When she died, he finally realized how useless she was. Unfortunately, he thought, some people weren’t meant to make an impact on anything and she was one of them. 1,355 more words

Short Story