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Automatic guns and kids

KIMT News 3 – In a tragic accident earlier this week, a 9-year-old shot and killed her shooting instructor. She was shooting an Uzi submachine gun. 360 more words


Firearms Provided By Hi Desert Dog Offer Hassle Free Use

Do you want to buy good quality and reliable guns? Are you looking for firearms and its accessories at competitive prices? Are you facing a problem in the quality of products that you have received from other providers? 319 more words


Girl kills Az gun instructor due to a series of poor conclusions

So today in my email, I was tagged by several people interested in my feedback regarding Monday’s death of Charles Vecca, 39, of White Hills, Arizona and firearms instructor at Last Stop gun range when a 9-year old girl accidentally shot him. 1,032 more words

Critical Thinking

People React To Tragedy At Arizona Gun Range

The shocking and tragic news out of Arizona is making headlines days after a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed a gun instructor at a gun range on Monday. 316 more words


A few words on the reasons we all need to do more PT

I just returned last evening from a 5 day camping trip. This was not at a campground,it was just on a piece of property on which I am given written permission to hunt,fish,camp,and target shoot on. 905 more words


Of guns and violence

I am anti-firearms. I believe in laws to ban the sale and possession of firearms and weapons. I do not believe in allowing the general population the right to possess arms. 471 more words


Shooting Range Instructor Accidentally Killed By 9-Year-Old Girl

Yahoo News reports that Monday morning at a shooting range in Arizona a 9-year-old girl, vacationing with here family, accidentally shot and killed an instructor. 133 more words