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Alvarius B "Baroque Primitiva"

12″ LP, Poon Village, 2012ish

Alan Bishop (aka Alvarius B) came to town and played a solo show where I got this record. His performance was great; he did a bunch of his solo material mixed in with classic Sun City Girls tunes and his usual blend of sarcastic, dark, humor. 168 more words


New 2014 Live Fire Courses from Silvercore Training


New 2014 Live Fire Courses from Silvercore Training

For further inquiries on Silvercore courses contact us,



Skill Set Development Program

New 2014 Skill Set Development Dates… 85 more words

The History of Concealed Weapons Laws in the United States, Part 1: The Early Republic (Clayton Cramer)

As far as I know, there is no definitive history of the fall and rise of concealed carry in the United States. (Please correct me if I am wrong!) We do have some good partial histories, notably Clayton Cramer’s 1999 book… 501 more words


Taxpayers subsidising gun ownership

Warwickshire’s taxpayers are heavily subsidising gun ownership in the county, and Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball is calling for this to change.

Mr Ball says that a system where it is cheaper to own a gun licence than a fishing licence cannot continue. 414 more words

Guns Of Stephen Dent Is A Resource For Information About All Types Of Firearms

Guns of Stephen Dent is a webpage that was created solely to inform others. The site is not used to sell or encourage the use of firearms, per se, but to promote general knowledge about specific models of guns. 315 more words


Impulse Buying And Gun Sale Billboards

Highway billboards are the prototypical form of impulse purchase advertising. You’re traveling down the road, you see a billboard for a restaurant at the next exit, and you decide in a split-second that it’s time to pull off to get a cheeseburger. 223 more words