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Extreme Close Quarters Concepts 2014, Re: Reflecting on Progress

My initiation into hand-to-hand entanglement started with a punch in the face in 2012.

I was enrolled in a seminar instructed by Cecil Burch, whose background was in Crazy Monkey boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, when I was guarding my head from gloved punches with my back against a wall – no where to go.  983 more words


Complete Instructions all 7 post: Building the Fully Legal Semi-Automatic UZI Carbine.

I have moved the instructions to their own separate page here on the website.   They are here


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I am an UZI enthusiast if you're interested in building your own or to use this as general reference. This is a great article from crypticpunk.

Gun tests

Taurus Manufacturing has officially released the Curve, a small, polymer .380 pistol with a distinct curved frame, meant to comfortably wrap around your hip or thigh when carrying inside the waistband or in a pocket, respectively.

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On Edge

My husband is fond of reality TV shows that feature rugged, colorful characters surviving outside the confines of civilization. My problem with these shows is that practically every time I tune in to what he is watching, I witness firearms safety fouls. 172 more words


In the Wake of "Colbert" Fallout, FK Shows it's True Colors

Bernard/Freeman turned the FK spin machine up to 11 today by linking Christopher “the Enforcer” Cantwell’s phony SFK site and implying it was this one. SFK member Josh Erickson made the mistake of calling Ian out on his dishonesty and received insults, sexually demeaning comments about his partner, and an invitation to a fist-fight by Cantwell for his efforts. 298 more words


Connecticut Child Advocate report on Newtown argues for gun bans

Gov. Malloy’s latest “report” confirms he’s not interested in any information that does not promote an incremental citizen disarmament agenda.

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Police State USSA