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Authorities recover 16 firearms, say stolen weapons are part of growing crime trend

Authorities in Red Deer have recovered 16 guns believed to be stolen in various residential break-and-enters, and say this highlights a growing crime trend in the province. 234 more words

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Bloomber's Minions Continue to Claim More Gun Crimes...they are Lying-Preliminary Crime Stats for January-June 2014 Show Decreases

Jan 26, 2015 01:00 PM

Preliminary Crime Stats for January-June 2014 Show Decreases

Figures released today in the FBI’s Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report reveal overall declines in the number of violent crimes and property crimes reported to law enforcement during the first six months of 2014 when compared to figures from the first six months of 2013. 140 more words

WOS - Pistol Sights: The Design Breakdown [VIDEO]

The sights of a pistol are the most important part of the pistol when it comes to steering the bullet in the direction we want to go. 56 more words


NRA's Wayne LaPierre - CHICKENS are coming for your guns!!!

Wayne LaPierre is an extremist.

I’m pissed when he says things like this:

We know, in the world that surrounds us, there are terrorists and home invaders and drug cartels and car-jackers and knock-out gamers and rapers, haters, campus killers, airport killers, shopping-mall killers, road-rage killers, and killers who scheme to destroy our country with massive storms of violence against our power grids, or vicious waves of chemicals or disease that could collapse the society that sustains us all.

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New School Shooter Defensive Technology

When I first read this, I was relatively certain it was an Onion parody. The photo that headlines this article is one of my all-time favorite Onion headlines. 1,253 more words


One Step Back And Two Different Steps Forward

I don’t believe in fate or destiny or any of that stuff. Monday was one of those odd days where plans just fell apart. Some would argue the universe is telling me something. 612 more words


snipers are cowards......

Apparently some  fat fuck yankee piece of shit “documentary” film maker made a comment that snipers are cowards and then later said that was what he learned from his WW2 veteran father. 319 more words