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A-Z Challenge: U is for Unification Day

Unification Day marks the anniversary of the triumph of The Alliance over the resistance.

It is a sad, sad day for those who were Browncoats, and you really, … 107 more words

The Family Room

The Netflix Workout Guide.

When writer Jessica Catcher put out her TV show workout guide via Mashable.com, we felt fit to add just a little bit to it. ¬†Watching TV doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a couch potato. ¬† 399 more words



The funniest gag reels are the ones that come from science-fiction series. I think that maybe it’s because being a part of that kind of atmosphere is so unique. 403 more words

I Want My Firefly D: DAMN IT


It goes without saying that the Firefly/Serenity fandom is one of the strongest out there (step aside Bronies!). The show lasted one season, has been cancelled since December 2002 and yet at Fanexpo 2013 in Toronto, hands raised to once again ask guest speaker, Nathan Fillion, “Will Firefly come back?” Fillion handled it as delicately as possible by saying that sadly it wont be coming back , but we had to admit that it ended well for fans with the movie Serenity (2005). 805 more words

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Me Voy!

In July, I’m going to be starting some grand adventures starting with a week in Bethel, Vermont participating in the “local burn” called Firefly. A week long arts and music festival where participants must camp and live in the woods for 5 days. 81 more words

Meet The Counselor: Firefly!

Hello everyone! My name is Firefly. I am energetic, bubbly, and love to have fun. I am so excited for camp to start up and to get to know everyone!

Day Camp

No strings attached

Recently, after having a talk with my hanai mom, I started to think about parents who love their children unconditionally. No brainer, right? Alas, it is not always so. 959 more words

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