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A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quotability

One of the great things about Firefly is how incredibly quotable it is. From quick quips to snarky asides, the scripts are riddled with words the fans just want to repeat. 118 more words

The Entertainment Lounge

What is a Western?

This past weekend I had the joy of having my older brother come to visit, as he so often does about once a month. Upon his visit, we got into a debate about whether or not the TV show… 396 more words

Random Ramblings

My Favourite Fictional Universes

As a fantasy writer (and someone who hasn’t really been able to afford to travel much) I love making up my own fictional worlds with their little quirks and details. 1,903 more words


How many perfect Athens days do you have left?

Seniors! Take heed! These last couple dozen days will be busy. But what will you regret when it’s all gone? What will you have wished you did? 745 more words

Ohio University

Expansions - Expansions Everywhere...

The past couple of weeks have been exciting here at the library. A little bit of breathing room in the budget allowed me to go looking for some good deals (in addition to a few timely sales of my old stock). 412 more words

Board Game

Lightning Bug / Firefly Necklace, Sterling Silver and Cats-Eye

The brief flicker of a firefly, like a spark of ingenuity reminding us of childhood innocence and dreams of the future… Let us continue to chase the fireflies in our life! 57 more words