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A-Z Challenge: V is for the 'Verse

Yes, I know, I know, technically it’s Universe and should be under “U”, but in Firefly, everyone calls it the ‘Verse, so it’s under “V”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 85 more words

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Firefly, for those who don’t know, was a short-lived TV series that was broadcast in 2002. Set in the future sometime after Earth had been abandoned, it takes place in another solar system where terraforming has made many planets and moons inhabitable. 302 more words


A Fire In The Mind

Time for some thrillin’ heroics.

This is my second review in a month, which is something of a record for me lately, but I had to give the… 812 more words

Firefly DE551 Wireless Veterinary Digital Video Otoscope

Firefly DE551 is the industry’s most advanced wireless digital otoscopes with image and video capture capabilities. With a wireless link and a 3 hour Lithium battery, DE551 provides complete flexibility and high precision in observing the external ear, ear canal and eardrum. 146 more words

The Big Valley 24 April 2014

There are shows I watched as a kid that I could live in: Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza and The Big Valley. I’d love to see these shows up and in production again, right alongside Firefly. 160 more words

Now Everyone Want Suspension of Azhari After Air Turn Back of Firefly

This early morning Firefly flight FY 1002 (codeshare with MAS flight MH 9948) bound for Kota Bharu from Penang had to do an air turn back due to faulty landing gear.  666 more words

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