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Captive web portals are considered harmful

Recently, when I tried to access http://slashdot.org/ in Firefox, I would see my browser title bar flash briefly to “AT&T GUI”, and then I would get redirected to: … 426 more words


Firefox Redesigns Its Search Interface Ahead Of Yahoo Switch

With the Mozilla Google partnership came to an official end last week, Mozilla has already poached Yahoo! to become its default search engine. Firefox, today, introduced a search experience with the launch of new search channel for beta users. 126 more words


Firefox Radio button issue - Selects the next option on refresh

This is something I encountered in my last job, don’t know if it still happens

But in case anyone encounters the same problem. Here is the gist of it… 86 more words


A Firefox, a Yahoo and a Google

As you should be aware, Yahoo and Firefox cut a deal last Wednesday.

This was confirmed on Ms. Mayer’s Blog  and Mozilla’s Blog

So without further ado, lets get to taking a look at what this deal may mean, and the facts the stakeholders in this game may be holding under the microscope. 904 more words


The Bugs Blocking In-Content Prefs, part 2

At the beginning of November I published a blog post with the list of bugs that are blocking in-content prefs from shipping. Since that post, quite a few bugs have been fixed and we figured out an approach for fixing most of the high-contrast bugs. 332 more words


Problème de téléchargement des exercices pratiques d'Excel depuis office.microsoft.com

Je sais, pour préparer mes cours, je me fais pas trop chier, je vais chercher des exemples sur le net.

Le seul souci est quand les exercices officiels ne veulent pas être téléchargés et que l’on ne vous explique pas pourquoi. 63 more words