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The Best Web Browser

With our lives being so connected these days, most of us spend more time using our web browser than any other computer program. A great browser makes for the best Internet experience, so choosing the right one is a necessity. 1,035 more words

Spider - Issue in FireFox with Report View

ISSUE:  When using PCSchool Spider in Mozilla FireFox web browser and selecting to ‘View’ a report, invalid symbols may appear as shown below:

SOLUTION: Reset the default built in PDF viewer in FireFox. 19 more words

'Spider' Web App

Monkey makes life ease.

So I just added an extension to my firefox called Greasemonkey: http://www.greasespot.net/ and then using userscript.org I have literally made my browser experience easier by many folds. 63 more words

Heartbleed May Be Mostly Fixed, but It's Still Causing Trouble

We’ve now reached the later stages of coping with the wake of the Heartbleed bug. While most websites that people actually use have been fixed… 494 more words


Customizing Firefox

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons or plugins add extra functionality to Firefox. Simply put, they are extra apps that give Firefox some extra bells and whistles to make it yours. 1,198 more words


Chrome Sucks

Or probably WebKit.

I have always felt weird while using the beloved Chrome browser, but could never put a finger on it why. The closest I got was there is something in it’s mouse behavior that’s off. 234 more words