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Womoz Warangal'14

Womoz Warangal’14

28th July 2014,

Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, Warangal.

Hola Amigos,

Mozilla Club Warangal in association with Mozilla India  have organized a special and a much awaited event named… 941 more words

Foxconn Infocus Firefox OS Tablet

Hello everyone!!!!

Todays new coverage what i have seen is really made me “happy”!!!

Few months back i got to know about Tablet Contribution Program and i felt very happy and wanted to join in this program. 314 more words

Inauguration of Firefox Club - KITS Firefox Club (KFC)

Hello Everyone!!!

This Blogpost is about my experience during the inauguration of Firefox Club at Kakatiya Institute of Technological Sciences. This was the output of the meetup… 493 more words

Mozilla Club BIES Enthusiasts Meetup

Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share my experience about the meetup that was organized today in Asian Mall,Warangal.

The Students( also FSA’s -Firefox Student Ambassadors) Wanted to start a club in their college. 349 more words

Jayamukhi Firefox Club - FSA Meetup

Hello Everyone!!!

I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Firefox Club Lead – “Jayamukhi Firefox Club” hosted the FSA Meetup on Feb 04,2014 in the College Canteen. 450 more words

Firefox OS App Days @ Firefox Club SNIST

It was Jan 18th and Firefox OS App Days in Hyderabad. I with my fellow FSA Bhargav started from Warangal to Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad. 393 more words

MozCoffee V 1.0

Hello Everyone!!!!

After Joining the Mozilla Reps Program, i was feeling very much excited and enthusiastic and wanted to know like how many mozillians from the community ” Mozilla Club Warangal” are active and contributing to mozilla. 318 more words