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Father of a Firefighter

It has been 1 month, 7 days and 2 hours since that day. I still remember the picture of it. Every image, every second was like a knife pierced into my heart. 1,561 more words

Short Story

Firehouse and Fire Engines

While in the USA we were given a tour of a local fire station and the equipment used there. Among the many fascinations Eli has, firemen and fire engines rank really high. 87 more words


Updates, spankings and hot firemen :)

Phew, things have been busy for the Deane household.  Sorry, I’ve been kind of incognito for the past few weeks. But here’s a brief update :) 250 more words


The quintessential fantasy fireman

A little heart starter for your Monday.

Between the face plant and hospital, we just happened to bump into a truck full of firemen. For reals. 140 more words

KA-BOOM Thar She Blows!!!

Well, I simply don’t have a photo worthy of the occasion.  And my new blog is no longer associated with the train wrecks in my life, so this one is all about, well, an explosion that was not my fault, but that has affected my life in a huge way. 834 more words


Hollerin' Good Time!

The United States is one of those wacky places in the world that never fails to blow your mind.  It seems that everywhere you go, there is some chance that you will come across something you have never experienced before.   269 more words


In Remembrance.......

“…….Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…….”

Photo courtesy of Thomas E. Franklin of The Bergen Record