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An inch of Boston

We were stopped at an airport just outside Montpellier, Vermont. The new driver stuttered over the loudspeaker, ‘Ok, so th-th-there’s a fl-l-lat t-t-tyre so w-we’re n-not going anywhere for a w-while.’ 855 more words

United States Of America


I wish I couldĀ have expressed more about how awesome firemen have been to my kid in this week’s Dustinland comic, but that would have been boring and sappy. 176 more words


Monday Muse. I thought this only happened in Fireman Sam.

The burly fire fighters of London Town may be the knights of the city when it comes to burning buildings, but they’re also somewhat of a blessing with regards to the little things in life; that is, the little things that aren’t made for the introduction of little lives. 76 more words


Firefighter Fundraiser

Last night the fire department had a fundraiser. The guys cooked pulled pork and brisket, and there were cookies, drinks, beans and chips to go along with the main course. 212 more words

Twists And Turns

Damsel in Distress

Imagine wearing your bathing suit and then cover yourself in a wet, wooly blanket. Yep, that’s pretty much what itĀ feels like this summer in Liguria. 750 more words

Italian Culture

Gone Fishin' - 1994

I wanted words

so desperately

I squeezed his head with my hands

Until an a

a the

and one indefatigable

came out his nose

I pried open the top… 32 more words

An unexpected and pleasant surprise! #YMCCommunity

The other week, hubby and I decided to take the littles for a walk to the home improvement store.

This would normally be a half hour errand if flying solo, but when the kidlets are in tow, this stretches out to be a painful 2-1/2 hour mission. 419 more words

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